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Datasheets of our cranes and manlifts

Here, you can find load capacity tables and data sheets on our rental equipment in the fields of crane and work platform rentals. The technical specifications are provided without guarantee and are for information purposes only. For concrete application planning please contact one of our competent Bau-Trans employees.


Mobile folding cranes

TitleMax. LoadMax. Lift HeightRadiusAxesFile
MK 638 to47.9 m36 m3
MK 888 to59.1 m45 m4
MK 1108 to68 m52 m5
MK 1408 to94.4 m65 m5
MK 140 Plus8 to94.4 m58.5 m5

Crawler cranes

TitleMax. LoadMax. Lift HeightRadiusTrack WidthFile
LR 1200200 to148 m95 m7 m
LR 1300300 to169 m115 m8 m
LR 1350-1350 to152 m110 m8.2 m
LR 1600-2600 to187 m152 m9.9 m
LR 1750750 to191 m156 m10.3 m
LR 110001000 to224 m180 m11.2 m
LTR 1100100 to83 m60 m3.5 m
LR 1280280 to156 m110 m7.5 m
LR 1750/2 - 750t750 to191 m156 m10.3 m

Rough terrain cranes

TitleMax. LoadMax. Lift HeightRadiusAxesFile
PPM A 30030 to32 m24 m2
PPM A 40035 to46 m36 m2
PPM A 60060 to52 m32 m2
TCC 4544 to45 m32 m2
TCC 6060 to52 m30 m2
RT 700E55 to50 m30 m2
RT 760E55 to65 m30 m2
RC 3535 to46 m36 m2
RC 4544 to37 m36 m2

Telescopic cranes

TitleMax. LoadMax. Lift HeightRadiusAxesFile
NK 25025 to39 m39.5 m3
LTF 103030 to41 m36 m3
LTM 103035 to44 m40 m2
LTF 104545 to45 m42 m4
LTM 1040-2,140 to44 m39 m2
AC 40-140 to44 m36 m3
LTM 1045-3,145 to45 m42 m4
ATF 50-350 to56 m42 m3
LTM 105050 to54 m42 m3
AC 5555 to53.8 m44 m3
LTM 1055-3,155 to56 m48 m3
AC 6060 to64.4 m46 m4
ATF 60-460 to56 m46 m4
LTM 1060-260 to63 m48 m3
ATF 65-465 to60 m50 m4
LTM 1070-4,170 to65 m48 m4
AC 80-180 to67.6 m50 m4
LTM 1090-290 to76 m56 m4
ATF 90-490 to70 m56 m4
LTM 1090-3100 to71 m58 m4
LTM 1090-4,190 to69 m62 m4
LTM 1095-5,195 to82 m60 m5
LTM 1100-4,1100 to91 m56 m4
LTM 1100-5,1100 to85 m66 m5
AC 120-1120 to93 m66 m5
AC 3030 to38 m30 m2
LTM 1150150 to91 m74 m5
AC 160-2160 to80.9 m66 m5
LTM 1160-2160 to96 m74 m5
LTM 1160-5,1160 to96.6 m70 m5
AC 200-2200 to100 m74 m5
LTM 1200-1200 to103 m86 m5
LTM 1200-5,1200 to101 m80 m5
LTM 1220-5,1220 to103 m82 m5
LTM 1250-6,1250 to108 m88 m6
LTM 1400-7,1400 to130 m100 m7
LTM 1500-8,1 (50m)500 to138 m98 m8
LTM 1750-9,1750 to154 m112 m9
LTM 1100-4,2100 to91 m58 m4
LTM 1350-6,1350 to134 m96 m6
LTM 1500-8,1 (84m)500 to142 m84 m8
AC 100-4L100 to81.7 m60 m4
GMK 5095100 to0 m60 m5
GMK 4080-180 to72 m54 m4
GMK 6300L300 to111.8 m94 m6
LTM 1060-3,160 to63 m48 m3
LTM 1130-5,1130 to91 m72 m5
LTF 1035-3,135 to45 m42 m3
HK 4040 to44.2 m40 m4
LTC 1045-3,145 to38 m39 m3
LTF 1045-4,145 to44 m42 m4
LTM 1050-3,150 to54 m44 m3
Challenger 316055 to52 m38 m3
LTM 1060/260 to59 m48 m4
ATF 70-470 to56.5 m50 m4
LTM 1070 2Wegekran70 to53 m46 m4
LTM 1070-4,270 to66 m48 m4
LTM 1100-5,2100 to84 m66 m5
AC 140 Compact140 to93 m66 m5
LTM 1200/1200 to104 m86 m5
AC 200-1200 to100 m74 m5
LTM 1220-5,2200 to96 m88 m5
LTF 1060-4,160 to56 m48 m4
GMK 5250L250 to106.7 m88 m5
GMK 6400400 to137 m96 m6
GMK 5150L150 to86 m68 m5

Lattice boom cranes

TitleMax. LoadMax. Lift HeightRadiusAxesFile
LG 1750750 to193 m136 m8

Loading cranes

TitleMax. LoadMax. Lift HeightRadiusSupport WidthFile
PK34002 E10 to20 m16.7 m7.4 m
PK34002 E PJ060B DPS Plus2.3 to32 m30 m7.4 m
PK35000 F6.7 to23 m20 m5.98 m
PK36002 E PJ060B2.3 to32 m28.5 m6 m
PK36002 F9.6 to22 m18.5 m6 m
PK36002 G9.2 to24.3 m20.5 m6 m
PK42002 G7.9 to25 m21 m7.4 m
PK42002 G PJ080C DPS Plus2.8 to34 m30 m7.4 m
PK44002 C3.3 to15.5 m11.5 m7.4 m
PK44002 E13.4 to20 m16 m7.4 m
PK44002 E PJ080C3.3 to33.5 m30 m7.4 m
PK44002 G11.4 to24.3 m20.5 m7.4 m
PK50002 E9.9 to20.5 m16.5 m7.8 m
PK50002 E PJ125E DPS Plus4.1 to34.5 m31 m7.8 m
PK54002 E PJ115DV23.1 to33 m30 m8.6 m
PK72002 E PJ154C25 to33.5 m30 m8.6 m
PK72002 G20 to24.5 m20.5 m8.6 m
PK74002 F21 to22.3 m18 m8.6 m
PK74002 F PJ125E DPS6.5 to36.5 m32.5 m8.6 m
PK78002 E21.5 to20 m16 m8.6 m
PK78002 E PJ170E DPS Plus6.5 to34 m30.5 m8.6 m
PK85002 F25 to22 m18 m8.6 m
PK85002 F PJ170EJV1 DPS4.6 to36 m32.5 m8.6 m
PK85002 F PJ170EJV14.6 to36 m32.5 m8.6 m
PK92002 F17.8 to22 m18 m8.6 m
PK92002 F PJ170E DPS Plus6.5 to36 m32.5 m8.6 m
PK100002 F PJ170E6.5 to36 m32 m8.6 m
PK100002 F25 to21.2 m18.3 m8.6 m
PK150002 G PJ170E5 to37 m33.5 m9.8 m
PK200002 L SH G8 DPS+6.2 to48.5 m45 m10.4 m
PK200002 L SH DPS+40 to29 m25.5 m0 m

Scissors platforms

TitleMax. Working HeightDrive TypeMax. Load CapacityDimensions (lxwxh)File
F-5 BS5.7 m Battery 0.23 to1,04x0,74x1,70 m
F-06 BS6.57 mBatterie 0.27 to1,63x0,74x1,73 m
F-08 BS8.1 mBatterie 0.36 to2,26x0,81x1,78 m
F-8 BS8.1 mBatterie 0.54 to2,26x1,15x1,55 m
F-10 BS9.92 mBatterie 0.45 to2,26x0,81x1,91 m
F-10 DSX9.9 mDiesel 0.68 to2,79x1,60x1,92 m
F-10 BSX9.9 mBatterie 0.68 to2,79x1,60x1,92 m
F-12 BS11.75 mBatterie 0.32 to2,26x0,81x2,03 m
F-12 BSX11.96 mBatterie 0.45 to2,79x1,60x1,92 m
F-12 DSX12 mDiesel 0.9 to2,50x1,55x2,48 m
F-14 BS13.7 mBatterie 0.35 to2,26x1,15x1,88 m
F-14 BSX14.12 mBatterie 0.36 to2,79x1,60x2,08 m
F-15 DSX15.11 mDiesel 0.68 to3,98x1,83x2,25 m
F-15 BS14.5 mBatterie 0.75 to3,91x1,16x3,07 m
F-17 BS17.06 mBatterie 0.5 to3,08x1,58x2,21 m
F-18 DSX18.15 mDiesel 0.68 to3,98x1,83x2,47 m
F-21 DSX21.5 mDiesel 0.75 to4,50x2,30x2,88 m
F-23 BS22.5 mBatterie 0.45 to3,98x1,19x2,89 m
F-23 DSX23 mDiesel 1 to5,35x2,50x3,92 m
F-26 BS26.5 mBatterie 0.6 to5,10x1,17x4,21 m
F-27 DSX27 mDiesel 1 to6,15x2,50x3,89 m
F-28 BS28 mBatterie 0.75 to5,21x1,30x4,10 m
F-33 BS33 mBatterie 0.6 to6,40x1,20x3,11 m

Mast platforms

TitleMax. Working HeightDrive TypeMax. Load CapacityDimensions (lxwxh)File
F-10 MKB-Genie9.85 m Battery 24 V 0.2 to2,82x1,00x2,00 m
F-10 MKB-Manitou9.9 mBatterie 24 V 0.2 to2,82x1,00x2,00 m
F-10 MKB10 mBatterie 24 V 0.23 to2,67x1,00x2,00 m
F-12 MKB12 mBatterie 24 V 0.21 to2,35x1,25x2,40 m
F-14 ME14.4 m120/220 V 0.14 to1,32x0,74x12,90 m

Articulated- / telescop platforms

TitleMax. Working HeightDrive TypeMax. Load CapacityDimensions (lxwxh)File
F-11 GTB11.1 mBatterien 48V 227 to3,50x1,20x2,05 m
F-12 GTB12.52 mBatterien 48V 227 to5,72x1,47x2,00 m
F-12 GTB/M12 mBatterien 48V 0.2 to5,48x1,20x1,99 m
F-12 GTKX/M11.91 mDiesel 0.23 to5,50x1,80x2,02 m
F-13 GTKX12.52 mDiesel 0.23 to5,64x1,73x2,00 m
F-14 GTB13.5 mBatterie 0.23 to4,10x1,49x2,00 m
F-15 GTB/M15 mBatterien 48V 0.2 to6,05x1,50x1,97 m
F-16 GTB/D15.92 mBatterie / Diesel 0.23 to6,83x1,79x2,00 m
F-16 TKX/A15.9 mDiesel 0.23 to7,56x2,30x2,00 m
F-16 GTKX16 mDiesel 35,8 kW 0.23 to6,83x2,29x2,06 m
F-16 TKX15.72 mDiesel 0.23 to8,48x2,24x2,49 m
F-17 GTB16.9 mBatterie 0.2 to6,84x1,75x2,04 m
F-18 GTKX17.62 mDiesel 35,8 kW 0.23 to7,50x2,29x2,16 m
F-18 GTKX/M17.65 mDiesel 33 kW 0.23 to5,77x2,30x2,37 m
F-20 TKX20.2 mDiesel 43 kW 0.23 to10,04x2,43x2,64 m
F-20 GTKX20.39 mDiesel 35,8 kW 0.23 to8,15x2,46x2,69 m
F-21 GTBD20.8 mHybrid 0.23 to6,65x2,27x2,15 m
F-21 GTKX20.5 mDiesel 38 kW 0.25 to9,00x2,38x2,74 m
F-22 TKX22 mDiesel 49,2 kW 0.23 to8,81x2,41x2,82 m
F-23 TKX23 mDiesel 32,1 kW 0.25 to10,24x2,48x2,82 m
F-25 TKX25 mDiesel 32,1 kW 0.25 to12,87x2,48x2,82 m
F-26 GTKX25.77 mDiesel 58 kW 0.23 to11,27x2,49x3,00 m
F-28 TKX27.9 mDiesel 55 kW 0.23 to12,20x2,50x2,80 m
F-28 TKX/M27.75 mDiesel 33,6 kW 0.35 to11,35x2,43x2,72 m
F-32 GTKX32 mDiesel 64 kW 0.25 to8,90x2,53x2,80 m
F-34 TKX34 mDiesel 56 kW 0.23 to14,02x2,54x3,00 m
F-40 TKX40.15 mDiesel 57 kW 0.23 to14,25x2,46x3,07 m
F-43 GTKX43.15 mDiesel 58,1 kW 0.27 to12,93x2,46x3,07 m
F-57 TKX56.86 mDiesel 55 kW 0.34 to14,33x2,49x3,05 m

Working platforms / forklifts

F-22 / 25 TSX

Crawler platforms

TitleMax. Working HeightDrive TypeMax. Load CapacityDimensions (lxwxh)File
F-14 TR14 mBatterie / Benzin 0.12 to4,00x0,78x1,96 m
F-19 GTR18.8 mElektro- und Benzinmotor 0.2 to4,45x1,40x2,12 m
F-20 GTR20 mElektro und Benzin 0.23 to5,01x1,49x2,00 m
F-23 GTR23 mBatterie / Diesel 0.2 to6,20x0,98x1,97 m
F-30 TR30 mBatterie 230V / 400V 0.2 to7,20x1,58x1,98 m

Trailer lifts

TitleMax. Working HeightDrive TypeMax. Load CapacityDimensions (lxwxh)File
F-14 AGE14 mE-Antrieb 230 V 0.21 to7,10x1,88x2,25 m
F-18/21/25 ATB/B18 mBatterie / Benzin 0.2 to8,40x1,70x2,10 m
F-12 AGE12.2 mBatterie 12 V / 240 Ah 0.2 to4,50x1,50x1,90 m

Truck working platforms

TitleMax. Working HeightDrive TypeMax. Load CapacityDimensions (lxwxh)File
F-27 LT27 mDiesel 0.23 to6,86xk,A,x2,99 m
F-18 LT18 mDiesel 0.2 to8,70x2,00x3,20 m
F-20 LT20 mDiesel 0.2 to6,80x2,20x2,95 m
F-22 LT22 mDiesel 0.2 to7,73x2,33x3,10 m
F-22 LTR22.1 mDiesel 0.2 to7,20x2,00x3,00 m
F-28 LTK28.5 mDiesel 0.32 to8,19x2,50x3,56 m
F-30 LTK30 mDiesel 0.3 to8,53x2,50x3,50 m
F-33 LTK33 mDiesel 0.32 to8,79x2,50x3,56 m
F-35 LTK35 mDiesel 0.3 to8,80x2,45x3,50 m
F-42 LTK42 mDiesel 0.35 to11,37x2,50x3,75 m
F-61 LTK61 mDiesel 0.6 to12,00x2,50x3,98 m
F-63 LTK63 mDiesel 0.6 to11,99x2,50x3,99 m
F-103 LTK102.5 mDiesel 0.6 to16,50x2,75x3,99 m
F-90 LTK90 mDiesel 0.6 to14,99x2,55x4,00 m
F-48 LTK48 m Diesel 0.6 to10,36x2,55x3,78 m


TitleMax. Lift HeightDrive TypeMax. Load CapacityDimensions (lxwxh)File
F-1,6 GSB3.3 mBatterie 660 Ah 1.6 to3,25x1,06x1,95 m
F-2,0 GSB6 mBatterie 660 Ah 2 to3,28x1,12x1,96 m
F-2,5 GSB5 mBatterie 700 Ah 2.5 to3,60x1,23x2,22 m
F-3,0 GSB5 mBatterie 700 Ah 3 to3,60x1,23x2,22 m
F-8,0 GSB3 mBatterie 8 to4,39x2,10x2,77 m
F-1,5 GSD4.3 mDiesel 1.5 to3,36x1,06x2,12 m
F-2,5 GSD4.3 mDiesel 2.5 to3,70x1,19x2,10 m
F-3,0 GSD4.3 mDiesel 3 to3,87x1,23x2,16 m
F-4,0 GSD4 mDiesel 4 to4,20x1,36x2,25 m
F-5,0 GSD4.95 mDiesel 5 to4,30x1,40x2,35 m
F-7,0 GSD2.8 mDiesel 7 to4,52x2,72x2,54 m
F-10,0 GSD4.9 mDiesel 10 to7,30x2,60x3,50 m
F-3 GSX4.2 mDiesel 3 to4,08x1,32x2,30 m
F-5 GSX3.7 mDiesel 5 to4,96x2,07x2,91 m

Telescop fork lifts

TitleMax. Lift HeightDrive TypeMax. Load CapacityDimensions (lxwxh)File
F-6 TSX5.7 mDiesel 47 kW 2.3 to4,92x1,80x1,92 m
F-6 TSX/M6.3 mDiesel 74.5 kW 2.8 to5,63x1,99x1,99 m
F-8 TSX/M8.1 mDiesel 97 kW 6 to6,57x2,40x2,45 m
F-10 TSX9.9 mDiesel 61.5 kW 3 to6,19x2,26x2,30 m
F-10 TSX/12t9.6 mDiesel 130 kW 12 to7,75x2,40x2,90 m
F-14 TSX/M13.6 mDiesel 74.5 kW 4 to7,29x2,41x2,61 m
F-16 TSX - Rotor15.8 mDiesel 74.5 kW 3.5 to6,08x2,39x2,97 m
F-17 TSX16.7 mDiesel 84 kW 3.5 to7,49x2,33x2,55 m
F-17 TSX/M16.65 mDiesel 74.5 kW 4 to7,18x2,43x2,79 m
F-18 TSX17.5 mDiesel 74 kW 4 to7,47x2,42x2,45 m
F-22 TSX/M20.6 mDiesel 97 kW 5 to7,98x2,43x3,03 m
F-25 TSX20.6 mDiesel 97 kW 4 to9,02x2,43x3,03 m

Mini cranes

TitleMax. LoadMax. Lift HeightDimensions (lxwxh)RadiusFile
MC 2853 to8.57 m3,36x7,5x1,44 m8.21 m
MC 4054 to16.48 m4,98x1,38x1,98 m16 m
LC 7855 to15.63 m5x2,35x2,69 m14.52 m