Platforms/lift trucks

From scissor lifts to boom lifts with crawler chassis

Our work platform rental division gets involved whenever work is to be performed at respective height. Our varied equipment includes scissor lifts, cherry pickers with crawler chassis as well as articulated platforms with telescope booms and truck-mounted platforms. Depending on the properties of the ground we offer our clients the matching height access technology.

Our lifts are perfect for moving goods within a company or at construction sites. Available for hire are fork lifts and telescopic lifts. Accessories include load hooks, excavator shovels and work platforms.

Typical fields of application of this service segment are façade work, bridge and building renovation as well as assembly or painting tasks. Joint inspections with expert Bau-Trans employees on site ensure the right equipment for safe use at economical rates.


Here, you can download the data sheets and work diagrams<br/> of our work platforms and lifts.