Felbermayr Transport- und Hebetechnik GmbH & Co KG

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Felbermayr Transport- und Hebetechnik GmbH & Co KG
Neubaugasse 5
2326 Lanzendorf
Tel.: +43 2235 44505-0
Fax: +43 2235 44505-420
Email: wien@­felbermayr.cc
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Contact person Function Telephone Email  
Prok. Christian Wallner Head of Operations c.wallner@­felbermayr
Ursula Huna Administrative office u.huna@­felbermayr.cc
Dominik Zielinski Transport department management d.zielinski@­felbermayr.cc
Thomas Daxelmüller Deputy manager, Crane department management t.daxelmueller@­felbermayr.cc
Transport disposition wien.transport@­felbermayr.cc
Cranes material requirements planning wien.kran@­felbermayr.cc
Platforms material requirements planning wien.buehne@­felbermayr.cc
Move in disposition wien.einbringung@­felbermayr.cc
Dieter Reuberger Platforms and forklifts department management d.reuberger@­felbermayr.cc
Ferdinand Milaczek Move in management f.milaczek@­felbermayr.cc

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