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Unrestricted range of services despite pandemic


April 2, 2020 | Markus Lackner

The spread of the pandemic “coronavirus COVID-19” has the world on tenterhooks. Consequently, individual countries have established their own set of rules that are making work processes either difficult or impossible to carry out. That being said, we are continuing to offer our range of services in the fields of heavy goods logistics, crane and work platform rental and construction while adhering strictly to the regulatory decrees and recommendations.


“Our goal is to provide our customers with the greatest possible level of support despite the challenging environment we are faced with,” says Managing Director, Horst Felbermayr, who adds: “Protecting the health and well-being of all of the employees involved is our number one priority.” As such, each and every one of our employees has been informed about the protective measures that will curb the pandemic. This applies equally to special transport, crane and work platform rental and the building industry.

Heavy goods logistics to continue despite pandemic

We will continue to operate provided it is possible and sensible to do so. This also applies to our heavy goods logistics business segment. “Our branch offices are staffed according to demand and the employees have been split into redundant teams. In this way, employees who were working from home can take over if an infection is discovered at a site. “By taking this approach, we can be ready for action at all times,” explains Wolfgang Schellerer, Managing Director of Felbermayr Transport and Lifting Technology, who adds: “It means that we are optimally equipped to process our customers’ orders.” Unfortunately, however, it is not always possible to do our work due to the national regulations that are in place. However, if we are to curb this pandemic, this is something that we simply have to accept.

Sense of optimism for the construction business

“We are currently in the process of assessing our construction sites to identify the locations where it is possible and sensible to commence work in light of the prevailing circumstances,” says Stefan Hielle, Managing Director of Felbermayr Construction. But Hielle is optimistic: The deadlock will come to an end. Almost all of our construction sites in Austria will be back up and running by the end of the Easter period.” This optimism is based on constructive conversations between the social partners and the building sector and the availability of adequate protective equipment. After all, Hielle’s number one priority is also the health and well-being of his employees, customers and suppliers.